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jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

A hundred words for a broken heart

I love you
Te amo
Je t'aime
Maite zaitut
nevermind how many ways I know
to say the same words
they are never enough
as my love grows
bigger and bigger
those words get
little and more little.
I wish I could show you
minute by minute
this heart
that pumps
only for you

au revoir
Doesn't mind in how many ways you say it
time and time you make me cry
How many ways do you know
to make my heart cold?
To break my heart over and over again
in the same way, just different words
I wish you could take with you
the broken pieces of love
you left behind.

I'm sorry
Gomen nasai
Lo siento
Je suis désolé
Sentitzen dut

Please forgive me...

It is too late
I gave you every word of love,
I gave you my pumping heart
you threw it away,
you broke into my path
and then left
with a hundred words of goodbye
but no explanation at all,
now you come asking for
those words I don't have,
forgiveness is not on my dictionary
you took it with you
so don´t come begging
for those words you took

Oh, I loved you in a hundred ways
with a hundred words
and you broke my heart in a hundred pieces
with a hundred words
when you only needed one,
Oh you only left me
a hundred words for a broken heart!

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