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lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

The tenant of Wildfell Hall (Anne Brontë)

Aquí os pongo una escena memorable del libro "The tenant of Wildfell Hall":

GILBERT- If I, by my thoughtlessness and selfish disregard to appearances, have at all assisted to expose you to these evils, let me entreat you not only to pardon me, but to enable me to make reparation; authorize me to clear your name from every imputation: give me the right to identify your honor with my own, and to defend your reputation as more precious than my life!

HELEN- Are you hero enough to unite yourself to one whom you know to be suspected and despised by all around you, and identify your interests and your honor with hers?

GILBERT- I should be proud to do it, Helen!-most happy-delighted beyond expression!-and if thatbe all the obstacle to our union, it is demolished, and you must-you shall be mine!

Y aquí os dejo un vídeo de la serie "The tenant of Wildfell Hall" de la BBC donde aparece esta escena más ampliada:

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