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martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010


Once again I can't find myself in this world of misery,
Once more I'll fight for this love by myself,
Now and again you leave me alone without hope,
Time and again you keep quiet,
Over and over again the distance between us gets further,
I don't trust you again and again.

Once again you blame me,
Once more I can't fight with you,
Now and again we act like fools,
Time and again we can't forget what we said,
Over and over again we let the fire extinguish.
We break up again and again.

Once again I'll let the wind blow my love,
Once more you'll let the air be between us,
Now and again we hurt each other,
Time and again we have to start all over,
Over and over again we fall from the cliff,
We forget our love again and again.

2 comentarios:

  1. Me ha encantado!!! Expresa muy bien los sentimientos de cuando nos ofuscamos. Muy bueno.

  2. Así me gusta, que guste mi superpoesía de principiante. Me alegro, con esa poesía logré liberar todos mis sentimientos.