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sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

There will be no coming back

Oh, please my love
don´t leave me
wacthing days pass by
,baby, all alone.

But you should know,
baby, if you now go
there's no coming back,
don't ask for a second chance.

If you want to know my heart
now is the moment to stand,
you decide to come forth,
baby, or fear and back up

But there will be no coming back.

Make your choice
love or cowardy,
it's time baby,
to raise your voice
and say me
"I love you"
or let me go,
don't keep me hanging on,
just make your choice
from de button of your heart,
come or back up,
love or fall apart

'cause there won't be a second chance,
there will be no coming back.

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