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miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

What's left after you

I close my eyes
And see you again.
It’s just a lie
An ilusion of my mind
You are not here,
You are not with me

I feel somethig’s wrong,
Somethig’s missing in my world.
I forgot my laugh
Into your luggage
I left my heart
Into your chest
Pumping for you.

I miss your smile,
I miss the light on your eyes
Which were the reason for my life,
I miss you to wake me up,
I miss your good morning kisses
I miss your good night hug,
I miss your voice saying
“have sweet dreams”.

During the day I can
Forget my pain
And continue walking
As every thing
Was all right.

I see the hours pass
So slowly
As if every second
Without you
Was an eternity.
Every minute ends
In another
And I wait for the moment
When I’ll listen your sweet words.

I’m living for your love!

But every night
I dye
In my loneliness
Missing your arms
Around me,
Containing the tears
Which want to go to the sea
And find you in the other side
For being at last in peace.

Every night,
I miss your body,
I miss your hot,
I miss the touch of your hair,
I miss your words,
I miss your protection,
I miss everything of you.

I ask myself
How much
Can support a broken heart.

I’m living for you!

I find in my sleep
A moment of peace
I live my feelings
In my conscience
And try to find you
In my dreams.

But I wake up suddenly
In the middle of night
I want to hug you
But your side of the bed
Is empty
I feel so lonely…

Morning arrives
Is time to continue my path
To confront my memories
And go on walking.

I’m living for the moment
We’ll be again together,
But this time for ever.

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